FAQ: How does travel insurance cover travel disrupted by mandatory evacuations?

If you are evacuated during your trip due to adverse weather or a natural disaster, we encourage you to seek accommodations out of harm’s way—with the hope that you can return to your trip when the evacuation ends. Generali Global Assistance reimburses for certain out-of-pocket costs during the evacuation, such as hotel stays, meals and local transportation. The delay will have to be for the specified amount of time listed in your Plan Documents.

The plans include coverage for insured trip costs you can’t use when a mandatory evacuation is in effect as long as the loss for your trip occurs within the first 30* calendar days after the mandatory evacuation order is issued. You can qualify for reimbursement for the remaining portion of your trip if you have 50%* or less—or 4* days or less—of your reservation left when the evacuation order is lifted at your destination.

*Day and percentage requirements may vary by state. Review your Plan Documents for full details.