FAQ: How can travel insurance help if seaweed patches invade the beach at my destination?

In the past few years, massive patches of Sargassum seaweed periodically wash up on the shore, often in Florida and the Caribbean. Travelers visiting the beaches affected by a seaweed invasion may not have the vacation experience they expected.

Our travel insurance plans do not provide coverage to reimburse you for trip costs if you decide to cancel your trip because seaweed is affecting your destination. But, with our Trip Cancellation for Any Reason add-on coverage, you can be reimbursed up to 60% of the penalty amount for your trip when you cancel for any reason, including seaweed. Trip Cancellation for Any Reason coverage is available as an optional upgrade to our Premium Plan if you meet certain requirements.

Sargassum seaweed may also be harmful to humans. Besides smelling bad, decaying seaweed on the beach can cause respiratory problems for some people, and can cause skin rashes if in close contact. If you experience these symptoms and require medical attention, our plans include Medical & Dental coverage that can reimburse you for medical expenses during your trip and 24/7 Travel Assistance that can help you find a local doctor. In this case, you may also be covered for Trip Interruption.