FAQ: How does the Trip Cancellation for Any Reason add-on coverage work?

Trip Cancellation for Any Reason coverage is available as an optional upgrade to our Premium plan. This coverage reimburses you up to 60% of the penalty amount for your trip when you cancel for any reason. These requirements must be met in order to qualify for Trip Cancellation for Any Reason coverage:

  • The travel insurance plan is purchased within 24 hours of initial deposit for your trip
  • You are not disabled from travel at the time you purchase the plan
  • You have insured 100% of all arrangements that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions
  • You cancel your trip 48 hours or more prior to the scheduled departure date
  • The trip cost per person is no more than $10,000
  • All insured travelers cancel the trip
This coverage is not available to residents of New York.

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