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Every day we see even the best laid travel plans upset by events that travelers can’t control. Don’t think it can happen to you? About one in four Americans reported their travel plans during the previous year were impacted by unforeseen events that are often covered by trip insurance, including medical conditions, adverse weather or mechanical/carrier-caused problems.1

What could happen and how trip insurance can help

Trip Cancelled
If you’re forced to cancel your trip, how much of that prepaid trip cost could you get back? Trip insurance can help you recoup losses for around 20 different types of events that could cause you to cancel your travel plans.

Trip Interrupted
If your trip is interrupted due to something like a canceled flight or medical emergency, it could cause a ripple effect across the rest of your trip. In that case, trip insurance can help you get reimbursed for unused, non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs that weren't used and additional transportation costs to return home or rejoin your group.

Lost, Damaged or Delayed Baggage
When you're traveling, problems with baggage can really be a pain. With one of our plans you could be covered if your bag is lost, damaged or stolen, and we can help ease the pain by reimbursing you for the purchase of necessary items when your baggage is delayed for a specified amount of time. 

Medical Emergency
Our trip insurance plans can help you with a wide range of medical needs while you’re traveling. Whether it’s a case of simply needing to call a doctor for advice, seeing a local doctor for prescription refill, a visit to the emergency room, to the rare need for medical evacuation by air ambulance, we’re there for you 24/7/365.

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