FAQ: How do I calculate trip costs when buying travel insurance?

You may insure any pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs. These are costs associated with your trip, that you paid before departing on your trip, and would be lost in the event of a trip cancellation. Take into account flights, cruises, accommodations, tours, entertainment and other trip costs that could be lost if you're prevented from taking your trip.

When buying a Generali travel insurance plan, you will be asked to enter the individual trip costs for each traveler covered under the plan. Divide shared trip costs evenly among travelers.

For example: A family that is taking a flight, staying in one hotel room and renting a car should include the individual air ticket costs for each traveler, including children, and split the cost of the hotel room and rental car between all travelers.

In order to qualify for coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or the Trip Cancellation for Any Reason add-on coverage (only available with the Premium plan), one of the requirements is that all prepaid trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions must be insured.

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